Zines & Art Books

I have always loved to create small books and zines and I have made them for as long as I can remember. The zine is a perfect media and I think I am simply in love with zines! My zines are distributed in various bookstores in Copenhagen, Berlin and New York - at the moment mainly in Berlin.


The making…

Heat & Red Horse.jpg

The Heat & the Red Horse

We bathe in streams of pure heat”. Love poems

and collage. A6 format, folded.

Language: English. For sale: contact me.

What is a home, part 2.jpg

What is a Home? part 2

About being in transit - to leave a home and to

settle in another home in another country.

To step into the complete unknown - to embrace your new life with joy and fear - to be in between - in transit - without a home - to be”.

A5 format with photographs, collage & text. Hand

bound. Language: English.

For sale: contact me.

From What is a Home? part 2.

From What is a Home? part 2.


November Blues & Lust

I am in love with the sound of November.

It is dark, soft and melancholic.

I am in love with the seductive November “Grau

Stimmung” that blurs everything and gives me

new perspectives and changes of focus.

A5 format with photographs and a short story

on paper, hand bound. Language: English.

For sale in NEUROTITAN SHOP, Berlin.


What is a Home? part 1

Various thoughts about the term “Home”. What is

a home to you?

A6 format with writings, photographs, collage

and monotypes on paper, hand bound.

Language: English.

For sale: contact me.

I don't know if the typewriter.jpg

I don’t know if the Typewriter had a nervous Breakdown

A retrospective zine with poems, photographs,

drawings and monotypes from 1981-2018. Some

of the texts are part of the vocal performance

LOVE, LIES & LULLABIES. A6 format, hand

bound. Language: English / German.

Distributed in various bookstores in Berlin for






Love, lies & lullabies part 1.jpg

Love, Lies & Lullabies (Part 1)

Lyrics from the performance LOVE, LIES &

LULLABIES which appears in different

constellations and is performed in galleries, small

venues etc. A6 format with text, photographs &

paintings. Hand bound. Language: English /


Available in Berlin:



Love, lies & lullabies part 2.jpg

Love, Lies & Lullabies (Part 2)

Same as above. Available in Berlin:





Signs from the desert. I have experienced the

desert in various countries in the Middle East

when I was doing archaeological work on

excavations. SAND is a lot about different colours

and moods. A6 format with text, photographs,

drawings. Hand bound. Language: English.

Available in Berlin bookstores:




Snow Now No - but peep in, do!

A short winters tale - mostly photographs. A6

format, hand bound. Language: English.

Available in bookstores in Berlin:




An early zine from the 1980s

“80’er generationen er efter sigende kun

anvendelig i tilfælde af krig, Vi, som er

dommedagsbørnene har for længst

mentalsprunget atombomben og krigs-

skizofrenien har ramt enhver sart

storbysomstrejfer, der ikke havde held til at blive

post-modernistisk i tide. Fold SEVEN BLADE ud -

tilstrækkelig til et snitsår.”

The generation of the 80s are, I am told, only

useful in case of war. We, who are the children of

doom - we have already mental-dropped the atom

bomb and the war-schizophrenia has eroded

every sensitive soul of the city. Souls who did not

have the luck to become a postmodernist in time..

Fold out SEVEN BLADE - and cut a wound.”

The wish to fly like birds

In the 1950s archaeologists discovered a deposit in the area of the Zagros Mountains. The deposit contained buried wing bones from several large birds - voltures, eagles and bustards. The wing bones were buried in correct anatomical positions and had remains of certain slice marks. These marks indicate that the wings had been carefully cut off from the birds and that the feathers were carefully removed from the wings. The deposit is dated to around 10,000 years ago and are probably one of the earliest evidence of shaman-like rituals and our ancestor’s attempt to fly like birds. The site is known among archaeologist as: Zawi Chemi Shanidar. (From my paper, University of Copenhagen).

I make a small jump diagonally upwards and turn myself around and spread my arms to the side. Then I fly. It is not difficult to fly, but I do not control the speed yet. Sometimes I fly much too fast and I have to force myself down to the earth. (Certainly NOT from my university paper!)

Collage Book. Acrylic, canvas, ink, photos etc. on cardboard. 26 x 19 cm. Unikum.

The wish to fly

Tiden / Time

Once I did an experiment. For seven days I did not know the time. On the third day my sense of time had left me. The weather was grey. I felt I was about to step into another world. A world of floating time - an infinite space. I felt I could fly. The book also refers to my film: Tiden, Pausen & Paraplyerne (The Time, the Break & the Umbrellas). Collage Book made of wood and recycled paper. Various materials - photographs, leaves etc. + text and drawings. 15 x 12 cm. Unikum.